The Unknown Hunt: Some Like It Hot


Time for another great hunt!!! The Unknown Hunt is only a week away, starting May 1st through May 21st. Hunters can expect many wonderful prizes from some of the best promising creators on the grid.

You can get all of your information here. *whispers google search leads you to the wrong site*

Today I am blogging the skybox (yes a skybox) from Arcadian Rapture Station by Alyxen . Resident and the Sriracha pillow from Teabunny by Caro Dragonash.

Message about the skybox from creator:

This skybox is best seen with materials – Advanced Lighting Mode required, and the higher the settings the better. 🙂 Night, or other darker settings bring out and highlight material effects as well.This also uses the rez-free system, it is menu based and straight forward, but if you need help please ask!

Only 57 LI and includes a full sectional, ottoman, shelving unit, fireplace, chairs, and bed. All furniture includes animations from single, cuddles, and sex. Totaling 2,250 high quality animations included in such a small space. The dance pole is not included btw.


Last but certainly not least is the very kewt (cute) Sriracha pillow from Teabunny. This pillow adds a bit of spice to any space.



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