Hello, have you ever just wanted to quickly hit up an event in sl but once you get there you can barely even move around? Well this happens to me quite a lot because I will see an item on flickr or seraphim and figure that I can just go to the event and buy it but once there there are so many people trying to rez and it is extremelyyy laggy. This also happens when I go to clubs or social events. So what can we do about this? DERENDER!!!! Now I am using the firestorm viewer and it has a built in radar but I am unsure if the sl original viewer has this also.

Now what is derendering? Ok let me just say I am not the best at describing things so I am giving you my best (sorry lol), derendering is basically just like making something that is rezzing or rezzed disappear and stop taking up space (yeah I warned you about the definition so ssshhhh). Everyone has weight (not like lbs or stones) and it weighs on your memory and therefore people with high weights can literally weigh you down as you rez and you go slower and slower. Derendering helps with that.

Ok let’s just start since I am probably just confusing you lol.

First, off  open up the radar it is the button with a small satellite on it or go to World at the top on the toolbar and scroll down to radar.


Click the name at the top and scroll to the bottom while hitting shift. Now if you have people who are with you and you don’t want to derender them then ctrl click their names after you have clicked all the names.



Next, after you have all the strangers selected right click anywhere on the names (don’t unhighlight or you will be doing this name by name which takes forever). A small menu will pop up, at the bottom of this menu you can see two options: derender and derender + blacklist. The best option is derender plus blacklist only because the people will disappear and also they won’t come back up. One thing I notice when I do just derender people will start to pop back up even after I have derender them (I’m still trying to figure out why this is) so I choose to use derender and blacklist now.


Okay, now you can shop. BUT WAIT I DERENDERED MY BESTIE and blacklisted them. Well first off if you only derendered them then you can still talk to them in instant message but you will NEVER see them again….just kidding… you will need to relog. I have found so far that is the only way to bring them back up. But if you derendered and blacklisted them then the simple thing would be to go to “World” on the toolbar and scroll down to “Asset Blacklist”and open.


Once it is open you will see all the objects and people you have black listed. Simply just select the people or objects you want to remove from the list. Also, if later on after you leave or you are done shopping you can also just remove all of the strangers too (if you want).It shows the dates in which people were blacklisted so that should make it easier.


Also, one more thing to help things rez faster you can also derender objects around that aren’t important in the shopping experience like the build lol.

Excuse the poor quality of the photos but this was just a quick post I wanted to do since I have friends who don’t understand what I mean when I say just derender it lol. Thank you for enduring my bad grammar to read this long post.


What I am wearing:

Hair: Tetra :: Pineapple Hair NEW@ Kustom 9

Dress: Amitomo :: HighFive Gacha @ Kustom9

Boots: Fashionably Dead (Pretty Old Gacha Item)

Eyes: Suicidal Unborn :: Emerald Eyes (Group Gift)


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