Girl Put Your Records On


Dope Magazine Spring Fashion Week has begun and will run 15th-21st. Deesses has released two new skins at the Skin Fair. I bring today to you Stacey in milky chocolate. Stacey comes in 8 tones and just gorgeous.


Slink Body Parts


Plastik has also released brand new bracelets at The Secret Affair. Bonedaddy bracelets comes in four options (multi, duo, gap, and gem).



Skin: Deesses @ Skin Fair 2015

Hair: K & Z

Hairbase: Mons

Lips: Egozy

Flower Headband: Wishbox

Blazer: Canday Shop @ Black Dot Project

Both Dresses: Glo Fashions & Accessories@ Dope Spring Fashion Week

Bracelets: Plastik @ The Secret Affair 

Shoes: —>Indented

Kitty: Birdy

DOPE Spring Fashion WEek 2015 Logo


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