You will catch your death



Are you ready for a scare or would you rather a sweet treat? Well starting Oct. 25th you will need to choose your side at Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha hosted by Hunt Madness. Over 30 amazing designers will showcase their love for the unusually scary and the cutesy fun.

More Info

Creepy Items

Coffins: Verocity ☠ Seven Deadly Sins (Creepy Gacha @ Kawaii vs. Creepy)

Dresses: Suicide Girls ☠ Mortis Cloak Gown (Creepy Gacha @ Kawaii vs. Creepy)

Eyes: Chus ☠ Dark Elven Lenses ☠ Humanoid ☠ Abyss (Creepy Gacha @ Kawaii vs. Creepy)


Skin: Sinful Curves // Fantasy Karina // Desire

Hair: Tableau Vivant // Legend Hair // Persephone

Bracelets: Aisling

Body Chain: Arise





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