Everybody Nose

everybody nose

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Skin: BubbleGoth // Moodkiller // Special Edition Brownie (@ Black Fashion Fair)
(Appliers for wowmeh, slink, various boobies, and booties)

Hair: Little Bones // Two Weeks no.2 (Gacha prize @ TCF)
Lashes: Hollyhood // Mesh Extreme Glam (@ Fi*Friday)
Tattoo: Tattoo Mania // Inner Demons (@ Fi*Friday)
Jacket: Part of Anuxet Outfit from Brii Underground (Freebie / Dollarbie)
Belt: Faux // Bonjour Belt (@ Fi*Friday)
Dress: Bubble Goth // Summer Comes // Plain (NEW @ Black Fashion Fair)
Heels: Bubblegoth // Erin Shoes // PitchBitch (NEW @ Black Fashion Fair)
Dog: Alchemy/Birdy (New Gacha @ TCF)


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