Yay dolls lets welcome another new sponsor for my blog Blossom ! I will keep this pretty short and sweet for all of you who just want the credits. This bikini along with two other choices are available at Manga Fair, where you get tons of adorable items.

Bikini: Blossom ❀ Summer Lily ❀ Anime 2 Candy (@ Manga Fair)

Hair: Ploom ❀ Inge ❀ Candy Hud (Rare @ Omgacha)

Septum Piercing: Mons ❀ Mesh Style 4 ❀ Rosegold (@ TDR)

Tattoo: Unicornology ❀ Lettering Tattoo ❀ Love and Hope Never End (11L$ @ MP)

Earrings: Shiny Stuffs ❀ Pink and Blue Feather Earrings (5L$ @ MP)

Location: Southern California 



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