Teen Spirit


Today, I bring you  !Redemption! by Supreme Sheila (sheila.jassen).  Urban style clothing that will suit you just fine in my opinion and you can dress them down or up like I choose to do today. Of course since every sl women these days have some kind of mesh body the line comes with appliers for Tango, Phat Azz, and Wowmeh. In upcoming posts I will be sure to bring some more! (Also I will add the slurls later)

Skin: Egozy ☻ Anjali ☻ Brun
Hair: Milk ☻ Bang Bang ☻ Black Pack
Teeth: Illmatic ☻ The Perfect Teeth ☻ Gold Vamp Grill
Earrings: By Jenniferwight on MP
Eyes: Dead Apples ☻ Twinkle Eyes ☻ Rust

Top: Redemption ☻ Workout Bra Top 1 (NEW)
Pants: Redemption ☻ Denim Jeans ☻ Black (NEW)

Glasses: Sorgo ☻ ISSA ☻ Black
Earrings: By Jenniferwight on MP
Watch: 7891. ☻ Paid Cartier ☻ Gun Metal

Skin: Egozy ☻ Anjali ☻ Brun (I am wearing a wowmeh but Egozy doesn’t have appliers for it yet)
Hair: Likeli ☻ Taneica ☻ Natural Wavy
Nail Appliers: Witches & Rats
Lips: Tilly ☻ Basics Pack ☻ Pink 50%

Top: Redemption ☻ Fade Beater ☻ Pink
Skirt: Paperbag ☻ Denim Skater Skirt

Shoes: Minx ☻ Chunky Fold Overs ☻ Pink
Collar: The Sugar Garden ☻ Lovely Floral C


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