Gang/Cold is re-branding into Bubble Goth and there is a BIGGGG sale going on. Everything for 99 L$ and many of the things won’t be avaible anymore after the sale is over 😛

Skin: Mr. Bloch ❊ Caterina ❊ Wowmeh (199l mp)
Eyes: The Sugar Garden ❊ Galaxy ❊ Pink Eyes
Hair: LOQ ❊ Lager ❊ B&W Pack (75l mp)
Freckles: Miasnow ❊ Dolly Freckles ❊ White
Eyebrows: Lustrage ❊ Tsubaki Brow❊ Thick (@ Thrift Shop)
Eyelashes: La Malvada Mujer ❊ Fake ❊ B&W

Dress: Gang Cold / Bubblegoth ❊ Innocence ❊ White (@ Suicide Dollz)
Vest: Ricielli ❊ Leather Vest ❊ White Fitted Mesh

Shoes: Leathal Couture ❊ Spice Platform Sneaker ❊ Cocaine
Mask: Envious ❊ Panda Cutie
Eyepatch: Kuroi Hane ❊ Faoni Eyepatch with Roses & Pearls ❊ White



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