Skin: Egozy // Anjali // Nougat // Soft
Tattoo: Infected // April Tattoo // Gift (Group Gift)
Stomach Tattoo: Sikest // Ink Feather
Lips: Nox // Witchy Lip // Death (@ Cosmetic Fair)

Nails: Formanials // Nail Art -1 (@Open Closet)
Slink Appliers for Hand and Feet

Top: Ceiling // Prue Tank // Black (5l, MP)
Jeans: Villagers // Distressed Jeans // Dark

Hat: Rabu. // Leather Fedora // Black
Sunglasses: Faun // Vintage Ferren Frames // Striped
Shoes: Half Deer // Obel Sneakers // Black
Piercings: #Addiction // Face Piercings //Nose & Lip
Watch: Reign // Boho Watch // Chevron (Gacha)
Pocket: Birdy // Pocket Pet // Grumpy Kitty (Gacha, Rare)
Backpack: Layover // Slouched Back Pack // Herb Pink
Rings: Panik // Cheetah, Rockstar, Deer // Black & Silver (Luck of The Irish March Event)


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