#addiction blog po1st


Introducing my new sponsor, #Addiction by Moody Artis! I hope you all will run to welcome to store by going on a crazy shopping spree at the beautiful main location. You can get tops, shorts, pants, accessories, and much more. The fishnet top also comes with tango appliers and the shorts with Brazilia and Phat Ass appliers. Please make you go and stop by! BTW the Open Closet has also started a new round and you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the new goodies available including this gorgeous nails from. I’m only showing you one of the many options you can get but you really should grab a taxi over there and stock up while the price lasts.


Outfit #1

Skin: Pink Acid ☄ Trinity ☄ Mocha (@ TDR)
Eyebrows: Buzzeri ☄ Lyra ☄ Tinted
Nails: Formanails ☄ Nail Art 2 (@ Open Closet)
Hair: Lcky ☄ Lynlee ☄ DIPPPP Pack

Top: #Addiction ☄ Gucci Fishnet Top ☄ White
Pants #Addiction ☄ Ripped Shorts

Earrings: 7891. ☄ Wired Earrings ☄ Silver
Shoes: Lethal Couture ☄ Spice Platform Sneaker ☄ Cocaine
Gum: Pink Fuel ☄ Yum Bubblegum ☄ Static Color Change

Outfit #2

Skin: Egozy ☄ Anjali ☄ Coffee ☄ Bright
Hair: Vanity Hair ☄ Spooky ☄ Runway Hunt Edition (Freebie/ Runway Hunt)
Lips: Tabou Irresistable ☄ Latex Lips ☄ Flame (Gacha)

Top: #Addiction ☄ Fishnet Top ☄ Red
Shorts: #Addiction ☄ Gucci Hot Pant

Shoes: Lethal Couture ☄ Spice Platform Sneaker ☄ Cocaine

Beanie: DF ☄ FYOU HAT (Freebie MP)  I originally had this item up but I removed it from the photo after learning it was copybotted, from members of flickr. They had proof so I made sure I went ahead and removed it cause we don’t have time for copybotters.




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