You vs Them

You vs Them by ƒame Killš/shayw
You vs Them, a photo by ƒame Killš/shayw on Flickr.

Skin: Egozy // Laoya // No Eyebrow // Nougat (@ Skin Fair)
Eyebrows: Egozy (Come with skin)
Hair: Little Bones // Full Moon // Brown (Old Group Gift)
Nail Appliers: Formanails // Red (@ Open Closet)

Blouse: Motiame // Sheer Blouse // Black (@ Kustom 9)
Skirt: Ionic // Minifalda // Black

Glasses: Yuko // Kaleidoscope Sunglasses // NYE Special (N/A)
Hat: Enfant Terrible // Bowler// Camden London (@ Arcade)
Shoes: Reign // MaryJanes // Black (@ Luck of the Irish)
Necklace 1: Fusion // Crowned Charm Necklace // Black Silver
Necklace 2: Glow Studio // Crosses Necklaces// Long Silver
Bag: 7891 // Moxchino // Moto Vest Jacket Bag // White (@ Soho)
Collar: PopTart // Skeleton Collar // Light & Dark


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