Make The Black Cat Shiver

Hi everybody, welcome again to my blog. Just let me say you are in for a treat as the new round of Open Closet is starting on Tuesday the 11th. Only a day away. YAYY! So get out your invisible wallets and get ready to shop. One item that you will be sure to love are these heels from !!Smesh that includes some of the great memes from around the internet. !!Smesh also has several other items available as well. Also, be sure to go and pickup these cute Silver leaf ear pieces from U Refined. There several other colors of this item as well. Well I hope everyone enjoys their week. I know I am trying to.

Skin: The Sugar Garden // Baby // E Tone w/ Slink appliers for hand and feet
Eyes: OkBye // Hypno Toad Eyes // Dizzy
Hair: Unorthodox // Nipsey Braids // Blonde
Freckles: OkBye // Imperfections Moles // Face Only
Lips: Tilly // Dark Black Lips
Eyeliner: Fiat Lux // Durage

Shirt: Eha // I hate Your negative Shit
Pants: Ricielli // Mesh Hot Pants // Striped (old hunt gift)
Jacket: O&K // Mesh Jacket // Black

Backpack: Breno // Wei Backpack // Black (@ CNY)
Shoes: !!Smesh // Funky MEMES Shoes (@ OPEN CLOSET)
Ear: U Refined // Fashion Leaf Ear Cuff // Silver (@ Fi Friday)


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