Smooth Like Liquor

Smooth Like Liquor by ƒame Killš/shayw
Smooth Like Liquor, a photo by ƒame Killš/shayw on Flickr.

Skin: Cashmere // Giselle // Dark Tan (w/ slink appliers)
Lashes: Vive9 // Lashes 004 // Thick
Hair: Little Bones // Black Mirror // Mouse (NEW,Group Gift)
Lipstick: La Malvada Mujer // Amoris // #3

Bra: RD Style // Spike Top // Mesh // Red (@ Open Closet)
Bodysuit: PaperBag // Dreaming Bodysuit // Black
Shorts: DirtyMind // Untamed Denim Shorts

Necklace: 7891. // City Necklace // Gold
Shoes: Lethal Couture // Spice Platform Sneaker // Black
Bracelet: PP // Evelyn Spiked Leather Bracelets // Red


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