Lotd #9: Glow

Lotd #9: Glow by ƒame Killš/shayw
Lotd #9: Glow, a photo by ƒame Killš/shayw on Flickr.

Hi,its been a while again but school was crazy. Anyways if you are feeling my dress and heels then you should run down to Rotten Defiance as today is the last day before they close.

Skin:The Sugar Garden/ Baby/ Tone E
Eyes: Turquoise Unicorn Studios/ Star Machine/Rain-bow

Lips: Pink Acid/ Anna Lips & Teeth/Natural Pink

Beauty Marks: Glamorize/ Mouche Noire/ Everything

Hair: Nylon Outfitters/ Halo Braid/ Rainbow(C88)

Slink Feet

Nailpolish: Skin Within/ Flora

Dress: Rotten Defiance/Hard Candy/ White (CLOSING!)

Earrings: Gummies/ Ice Cream (Kustom 9)

Heels: Rotten Defiance/ Those Heels/ Hot Pink (CLOSING!)


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